Confession II

I sat nervously in the confessional. Confession had always made me nervous.

“Forgive me father, for I have sinned,” I began. “It has been seventy years since my last confession.”

The ritual words were comforting.

“You are a capsuleer,” he responded, breaking the ritual. Nervousness flooded back into the small chamber. “I have never heard the confession of a capsuleer before,” he continued. “What has brought you here child?”


“None of us is above judgement,” I responded.

“The abyss awaits those who die in The Lord’s shadow,” he quoted, “But you are immortal. You have no fear of death.”

“I have died many times,” I said plainly, “But we are not immortal. A failed consciousness transfer, a faulty capsule…”

“These things have not happened in centuries,” he replied, “Since The Empire first began working with the Jovian technology.”

“… if my clone contract were to be canceled,” I continued.

He laughed. “You are one of Doriam’s chosen elite guard. There is little chance of that.”

“Perhaps,” I replied.

“I am sorry,” he said, his tone taking on a more serious timbre. “I will hear your confession child. I do not mean to offend. You are one of the immortals, and I can sense that weight of your deeds bears heavily upon you.”

“Your fate is bittersweet,” he continued,”you are immortal. At once free of fear of the Abyss but forbidden the bliss of Elysium. Tell me child of your sins.”

I took a deep breath. “This may take some time.”


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About Ghenna

An exiled amarrian noble and ex-imperial capsuleer coping with the psychological trauma of experiencing her own death and acclimation to her new home in the Gallente Federation. Ghenna maintains a publicly accessible archive of her aura-log impressions for therapeutic purposes. She currently resides in the Gallente-Caldari warzone, where she serves the Gallente Militia.