Planetary Mining – An Oldie But a Goodie

Ahh the good old days. Here’s one of the old news bulletins we posted back in the early days of Endland in 2003 when the devs were starting to talk about planetary/moon mining.

U of Caille Professors believe planetary mining may disrupt local wildlife 

With more and more of a research shortage in the inner sectors of known space many large corporations are requesting a repeal of the historical ban on planetary strip mining to offset mineral shortages.

“We need those minerals to continue to grow as a company and produce all of the wonderful products that make us famous,” said Hamato Yan, a representative for Ishukone corporation, echoing the sentiment of many corporations galaxy wide. Hamato refused to comment on what exactly it is that his corporation manufactures

The Gallente federation, historically opposed to planetary mining, has offered the greatest resistance to the growing corporate desire. “Planetary mining is just environmental negligence. It has already been demonstrated that planetary strip mining can reduce most moons to dust in a matter of weeks,” argues Prof. DeFarge, Professor emeritus of astrogeology at the University of Caille. “Without moons and planets navigation becomes incredibly complicated, and the devastating effect that strip mining has upon local wildlife has already been demonstrated in the initial test phases.”